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MS Office 365

Microsoft Office for Small Businesses

SunBiz Showcase Alliance is a Microsoft Partner. Please click the banner on the left to access Microsoft software such as Office 365. 

As a Microsoft Partner we can offer special software advantages. We also partner with Tech Data to bring you a full range of hardware including computers and accessories. Call us:321.219.9732.

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Computer Hardware

We are now affiliated with TechData to bring you the best in Computers and Electronics. We have a window to all the top named hardware brands for small offices. 

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CCO SunBiz Showcase Alliance

Harland Henry is Chief Creative Officer - CCO of SunBiz Showcase Alliance. Credentials in part: 

  • Florida Notary
  • Economic Development Strategist
  • Business Consultant

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What's Happening in the Small Business World

How We Assist

 SunBiz Showcase Alliance provides a variety  of services for entrepreneurs and corporations through our global  network. Professional Presenters are available for any business topic.  Our team of experts are ready to assist your business in hosting  professional meetings, building new relationships, or by simply being a  sounding board for a new venture. Many times, business owners or  entrepreneurs need to discuss confidential ideas and need an honest,  trusted opinion. We can help! Our client base stretches from New England  to Florida.

All of our services come with a 100% money back guarantee. We will match any competitor's rates.

Price matching guarantee
10am -7pm customer service
Flexible schedule 

Announcement of Upcoming events

We will be posting new and exciting events relevant to small businesses in this space.


Small Business Events

Localization-A view at innovative businesses

"Localization" for us is a concept created by  SunBiz Showcase Alliance to encourage the development of small  businesses through public/private and faith-based partnerships in a  community. Through Localization, these businesses are nurtured and  supported over a period of time. The result is a thriving community of  flourishing enterprises. We support the idea that to build economic  stability, a community must focus on its own assets, ie., entrepreneurs,  small businesses, inventors, young people - the community

SunBiz Showcase alliance operates on the premise that Economic Development starts at home in our own community.

A  stable community depends on the success of small businesses.  For further  discussion on this concept, please contact Harland Henry.

To  learn more about other successful economic development projects that are  aligned with community building, check out Growthology and Economic  Gardening. WealthWorks is another such program. 

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Collaborative Support

Collaborative Support is A THEORY we developed that helps to support organizations in lieu of Sponsorship!
SunBiz  Showcase Alliance believes that as marketers, economic development  strategists, and event planners continue to seek SPONSORSHIP for various  events and causes, they should instead consider the idea of  COLLABORATION. Service and support to others gives everyone a chance to  join the experience. Support your community and you support your  business. Please email us at iamurbizadvocate@gmail.com.

Call  us on any of these projects: International Trade, Assessments, National  Events, Peer-To-Peer Meetings, Business Showcases, Networking Events  (organizing, planning and hosting), Fundraisers, Friendraisers and  Assessments. Visit our SERVICES Directory for more. We specialize in  supporting all small businesses, community building and  entrepreneurs. The SunBiz Showcase Alliance Network is not a membership  organization, we support everyone including non-profits. We welcome our  colleagues from Manta, Merchant Circle, Sales Spider, Twitter, Facebook,  Green Irene, MeetUp, LinkedIn and Plaxo.  

Economic and Community Development

In this space, we will detail news of the business of economic and community development

Display of Related Organizations

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