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At SunBiz Showcase Alliance, we build Relationships. Our  economic development advocacy supports and advocates for innovators and small businesses.  We provide advice, technical support and a platform for growth.   Our organization has the best tech products and equipment such as computers and accessories for  business at an affordable price. MS Office 365 is available by clicking on the link below.

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Harland Henry Economic Development Strategist) is the former Director of Community Outreach in the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State. He pioneered the successful small business economic development program realizing benefit to more than 6,000 small businesses.  Since relocating to Florida he has played an integral role in the Hillsborough County's EDI2 program (Economic Development Innovative Initiative).  See About US for more on Harland Henry.

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Small Business | Economic and Community Development

SunBiz Showcase Alliance is a leading Relationship building and networking organization. Our advocacy focuses on the development of small, minority and women owned businesses. We consult with small enterprises at a reasonable rate.

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